How to Prepare Your Family Camping Tent For Rainy Days

Posted on August 20, 2016 in Outdoor by

  • Camping with family can be fun, but it also depends on that fact that how is the weather outside. If it is raining, then camping is no fun. It is not a picnic because it becomes hard to survive in rough, stormy and rainy weather when you are out of your home, somewhere far away with no proper shelter.
    Instead of becoming a happy experience, it can become a nightmare for you as the heavy rain make pond formed under your tent and can also loosen the clinch. It can spoil your camping fun.
    Here are few tips are given below that will help you keep dry during rains in camping-
    family tent
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT TENT-  You should choose the right tent for going out on camping. There are tents available for 2/3 kinds of weather. Some tents are specially designed for summer, winter and rainy days. The rainy season tent is made so that you easily campaign without any trouble from rain.
  • TENTS SHOULD BE WELL SEALED – Here are few tips that must be taken care of, if you do not want the water to be sweeping under your tent.
  • The main door of the tent should be a bit higher than the rest of the floor. It should have the shape of lips at the entrance, because if it is not an unequal floor, the rain water can easily sweep into your tent. The small wall at entrance stops water from coming in.
  • There are waterproof tents available. So, before purchasing a best tent for family, read the labels very carefully.  It will help you know about the product details, what material it is made of? You will also come to know about it’s shortcomings.
  • You should buy a big family tent for your family camping because when it rains, you can get inside the big tent with your family, without any lack of space for any family member.

  • CAREFULLY PITCH THE TENT –  If it is raining and you have to pitch your tent is rain, make sure that you put a canvas over it. It helps stop the rain drops from dripping inside your tent. Apart from that, you can also put a tarp on the ground so that there is extra protection. You should also fold the tarp on the sides so that the water from the ground is not directed under the tent, but between tarp and tent ground.

So the above points are the most important features that should be considered and taken care of while going on camping on a rainy day. Apart from that other small points are – the place where the tent should be set up? You should select a place higher from ground levels like slopes and angles. You should use canvas on the door as well to avoid the rain from coming inside your tent. So, if pay attention to all the tips mentioned above, you will be able to peacefully carry on your campaign, without having to worry about the bad weather.